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Bosieboo products are specifically designed to make your life easier and
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Bosieboo's audio monitor uses the latest 900MHz technology to provide high quality sound over longer distances with minimal interference. The transmitters night light activates when baby makes a noise and indicator lights on the receiver give a visual indication of sound. Really useful when there is excessive noise around you or when the volume is set low. Both mains and battery powered, it has 2 selectable channels to prevent interference and inbuilt diagnostics to tell you when the receiver is out of range or battery power is low. The standby mode saves battery power when the area around the transmitter is silent.

Audio Monitor
RRP £39.99

Inspire their creativity and imagination with this magic lightboard. Use the special neon pens provided to create beautiful vibrant images and light them up when you flick the switch for all to see. Then just wipe clean with a damp cloth and you're set to be creative all over again. The scratch resistant, hard wearing drawing surface has been designed to make this a long lasting toy they'll enjoy using for many years to come.

Magic Lightboard
RRP £17.50



Perfect, that's the way we describe this 2'N'1 drink and snack container. There's a good size non-spill drink cup with a detachable snack container below for little treats. Both are easy to fill and easy for your child to use and most important, easy for you to take apart and clean, it's also dishwasher safe. It comes with a Velcro strap so you can attach it to their buggy, high chair or car seat so they need never be without their Sip'n Snack.

Sip'n Snack
RRP £6.50


Baby bath times will never be the same again! The Tummy Tub was designed in the Netherlands by child carers who felt it's unique shape would comfort babies whilst bathing as it is similar to being in their mother's womb. Babies naturally adopt the foetal position and it's amazing how quickly they calm and relax. Try it yourself and see.

Tummy Tub
RRP £19.99


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Be the envy of all your friends with this fabulously simple yet effective idea. No more will you have to struggle with dirty high chairs & seats that screw to table when you're out and about, Just take the Sak'n Seat out of it's little cloth bag and in minutes your child will be sitting comfortably at the table and so will you. The Sak'n Seat turns any adult chair into a suitable chair for little ones, take it with you everywhere and you won't have to worry about seating arrangements ever again.

Sak'n Seat
RRP £14.90

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